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Sports Organizer is a flexible sports team management tool which can be used for managing teams in any sport.

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Create as many teams, coaches and players as you need. Track activities as head coaches, players, parents and relatives!
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Features of our software for managing sports teams
Organize a team
Sports Organizer is sports team management software which allows you to create all members of a team including head coach, assistant coaches, players and parents who can login to manage and monitor player activities, rosters, lineups, training schedules and more.
Intelligent Calendars
Use our Intelligent Calendars feature to display specific activities for the desired team, coach or sport!

Sports Organizer allows various roles per team so one person can be a head coach for one team and an assistant coach for another!
Create and Manage team events
Easily create and manage different types of team events such as: games, practices, team meetings, tournaments and more.

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